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Acquia Developer Studio

This documentation page describes features and procedures for a beta product, and its contents may change at any time. Acquia does not recommend bookmarking this page as its location may change without notice.

Acquia Developer Studio integrates many of the tools developers need to build better digital experiences, and to also be more productive. With Acquia Developer Studio, you can focus on building the best Drupal websites by using the tools you already know.

Acquia Developer Studio provides a command-line interface (CLI) that exposes Drupal development workflows that are tailored to Drupal Developers who work in modern, virtual environments. You can access the Acquia Developer Studio CLI by running the ads command after installation.

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Developer goals

The following tasks represent the Drupal development goals a user should be able to accomplish using the Acquia Developer Studio CLI:

  • Create a new Drupal project
  • Deploy to a remote site
  • Refresh local files and deploy between remote sites
  • (Optional) Clone an existing Drupal project, if applicable

Installing Acquia Developer Studio

To install Acquia Developer Studio as part of getting started with its use, see Installing Acquia Developer Studio.