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Acquia Developer Studio CLI

Acquia Developer Studio provides a command-line interface (CLI) to expose Drupal development workflows tailored to Drupal developers who work in modern virtual environments such as Lando or DrupalVM. With Acquia Developer Studio, you can standardize your environments and actions with Acquia’s products and Acquia Cloud API, and leverage Drupal-related tools such as Composer and Drush.

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Acquia Developer Studio CLI reduces complexity and increases speed in common workflow steps, such as:

  • Creating new applications
  • Deploying between environments
  • Running Drupal locally

Projects created or integrated with Acquia Developer Studio CLI encourage you to include Acquia BLT as a tool for developing Drupal applications, by providing the ads run blt command. Acquia BLT is a Composer-based package providing Acquia’s best practices for Drupal workflow, automation, and testing.

Acquia Developer Studio CLI can perform many of the actions performed by Acquia Dev Desktop, but isn’t a complete replacement for Acquia Dev Desktop. Acquia Developer Studio CLI provides compatibility with Drupal, Composer, and Docker to replace many development actions in Acquia Dev Desktop.

Getting started with Acquia Developer Studio

To install Acquia Developer Studio CLI, ensure your local computer meets the installation requirements, then complete the steps in the installation procedure. After installation, you can perform the following actions:

Integrating Acquia Developer Studio with CI tools

You can install and run Acquia Developer Studio CLI within your preferred continuous integration (CI) process, including launching new on-demand environments, or making continuous deployments after each commit. Applications using Acquia BLT can also use recipes included with Acquia BLT to test and build applications.