Acquia BLT

Acquia BLT, available on GitHub, generates new Drupal projects using a standardized template that is based on Acquia Professional Services' best practices.

To improve efficiency and collaboration across Drupal projects, Acquia BLT provides both a common set of tools and standardized structure, hopefully helping developers reduce incidents of duplicated work, speed up project set up time, and get new developers onboarded more quickly.

Using Acquia BLT for your Drupal projects will help you meet the following goals during your development cycles:

  • Provide a standard project template for Drupal based projects
  • Provide tools that automate much of the setup and maintenance work for projects
  • Document and enforce Drupal standards and best practices through default configuration, automated testing, and continuous integration

Additional information

For more information about Acquia BLT, including installation instructions and how to use its available hooks,
see the Acquia BLT Documentation.

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