Acquia Edge consists of two products that are available for Cloud Platform and Site Factory subscriptions:

  • Edge Security: Secures your application with protection against distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, a Web Application Firewall (WAF), and high-speed DNS. Edge Security examines web traffic looking for suspicious activity.
  • Edge CDN: Provides a globally load balanced content delivery network (CDN) so that visitors interact with your application at the fastest possible speeds, no matter where on the globe they’re located.

You can purchase and use Edge Security and Edge CDN together or separately.


Acquia Edge does not currently support:

Configuration options for these features display in the Acquia Edge administration user interface, but aren’t supported by Acquia.

Setting up Acquia Edge

To add Edge Security or Edge CDN to your Cloud Platform or Site Factory subscription, contact your Acquia Account Manager. Acquia will set up and support Acquia Edge for you.

You can then use the Acquia Edge web user interface to manage the service for your domains.

Accessing Acquia Edge

To access the Acquia Edge web user interface, sign in to Cloudflare using the email address and password provided for your Acquia Edge account by Acquia.

For more information about how to use Acquia Edge after it’s set up, see the CloudFlare knowledge base.

Acquia Edge and HTTPS (SSL)

Edge CDN and Edge Security include a single SAN (Subject Alternative Name) certificate per domain that covers the bare domain and wildcard third-level domains. If you want to use your own custom SSL certificates with Acquia Edge, you can upload the same certificate that you use on Cloud Platform to Acquia Edge. If you do this and you change or rekey your SSL certificate, you must apply the updated or new certificate to both Cloud Platform and Acquia Edge to maintain consistency and simplify support.

Note for China and HTTPS usage

If you anticipate having visitors that will both use HTTPS and are based in China, Cloudflare requires that you place your private SSL keys in their China data centers.

Traffic throttling

Rate limiting of traffic is available as an add-on feature for Edge Security subscribers. If you must throttle responses from a given IP for a specified amount of time, contact your Acquia Account Manager for more details. For more information on rate limiting, see:

Always online

Acquia Edge does not support the Always Online feature.