Uninstalling Acquia Dev Desktop


Before you uninstall Acquia Dev Desktop, be sure to back up your websites using More > Export to Drupal archive. This is important because uninstalling Acquia Dev Desktop deletes the websites contained by Acquia Dev Desktop, including your websites’ files and databases.

To uninstall Acquia Dev Desktop, complete the following steps:

  1. In Acquia Dev Desktop, click Stop, and then close Acquia Dev Desktop.
  2. Run the uninstallation application. To do this, use the method based on your operating system:
    • Mac - Run the uninstall application at /Applications/DevDesktop/uninstall.app.
    • Windows - From the Start menu, select All Programs > Acquia Dev Desktop > Uninstall Acquia Dev Desktop.
  3. Follow the provided instructions to uninstall Acquia Dev Desktop.

The uninstallation process removes the following components installed by Acquia Dev Desktop:

  • MySQL server and database, including all website content
  • Drupal codebase and files
  • Apache HTTP server
  • Windows-only: XMail server (if installed as part of Acquia Dev Desktop)

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