Acquia Cloud Free

How can I get started with my Acquia Cloud Free subscription?

To get started with Acquia Cloud Free, read the Acquia Cloud Getting Started guide, then explore the other information in the Acquia Cloud documentation and the Acquia Library.

Acquia Cloud Free is built on the same infrastructure as Acquia Cloud, so you can use the Acquia Cloud documentation to learn how to use it. As a general rule, you can use Acquia Cloud Free to do anything you could do on Acquia Cloud, subject to the limitations listed on Getting started with Acquia Cloud Free.

What's the difference between Acquia Cloud Free and a paid Acquia Cloud subscription?

Acquia Cloud Free is built on the same infrastructure as Acquia Cloud. With a few exceptions, you can use Acquia Cloud Free to do anything you could do on Acquia Cloud. The key differences are:

  • Acquia Cloud Free is intended for development, evaluation, and testing, not for production deployment.
  • Smaller server size and disk storage limited to 1 GB for each of code, database, and uploaded files.
  • No custom domain names.
  • Support is available through the Acquia Forums only.

For a more complete comparison, see Getting started with Acquia Cloud Free.

How can I upgrade to a paid subscription?

You can upgrade your Acquia Cloud Free subscription to a paid Acquia Cloud subscription at any time. Click one of the Upgrade buttons in the Cloud user interface (for example, there's one on the Cloud > Workflow page under Prod), or go directly to the Cloud pricing page to select your new hardware and other Acquia Cloud and Acquia Network features.

How can I export my site from Acquia Cloud Free?

Acquia Cloud makes daily backups of your website's database, which you can download at any time using the Cloud > Backups page. In addition, you can make additional backups any time you want using the Cloud > Databases page. Note that these backups count against your disk quota. Read more about backing up your site.

In addition, you can use the Drush command line tool to create a backup of your complete website at any time. Learn more.

You can use these backups to run your website locally, or export your site to a different hosting provider.

How big can my Acquia Cloud Free website be?

An Acquia Cloud Free website is limited in size by the amount of disk space that Acquia makes available. Your website's codebase, database, and file system are each limited to 1 GB of disk storage. See Managing disk storage for Acquia Cloud Free subscriptions for information about how to work within the storage limit.

What alerts and monitoring do I get with Acquia Cloud Free?

With an Acquia Cloud Free subscription, you get some, but not all, of the features you get with a paid Acquia Network and Acquia Cloud subscription. You get a starter set of Insight alerts. You can upgrade to a paid subscription to get rich analysis, metrics, and monitoring tools, including server metrics, static code analysis, uptime monitoring, and the full suite of Insight security, performance, and best practices alerts. For more information about Acquia Insight, see Getting started with Insight.

How can I get support for Acquia Cloud Free?

As a free offering, Acquia Cloud Free does not entitle you to live or ticketed support. This is the case even if you also have a paid Acquia Cloud subscription. If you need help with your Acquia Cloud Free subscription, read the documentation or post a question in the Acquia Cloud Forum.