Gardens distribution

Latest release - Gardens distribution 2.58 (Apr 4, 2017)

Certain Acquia Cloud Site Factory® subscribers have access to the Gardens distribution, a Drupal 7 distribution designed to help you create and publish websites more easily.

The Gardens distribution includes the following differences from other standard Drupal 7 distributions:

  • Easier theming with ThemeBuilder - When you select Appearance from the admin menu, Drupal 7 opens the Appearance page, where you can select and configure your website's theme.

    Clicking Appearance in Acquia Cloud Site Factory opens a unique feature called ThemeBuilder. ThemeBuilder allows you to work on your website's look and feel using a browser interface and see your updates as you make them.

  • Additional modules - The Gardens distribution includes several preinstalled modules that you can activate from the Modules page. Drupal 7, however, requires you to find, download, and install your own modules.

    Note that the Gardens distribution doesn't include all available modules, and you can't install or upgrade modules. This is because we have to provide a consistent experience across all websites.

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