Simplified site creation guide

When you're creating your new Gardens distribution-based website, it can be helpful to have a basic set of instructions to quickly guide you through the process — from actually creating your new website to making it available for use by site visitors.

Although the following steps (with links to other documentation pages for reference) don't include all of the procedures that can be involved with creating a website, they represent the basic steps that you can use to create most Gardens distribution websites on Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

  1. Create your new Acquia Cloud Site Factory website
  2. Enable maintenance mode during the website development process
  3. Block crawlers from indexing your website during development
  4. Complete the website development process
  5. Disable maintenance mode
  6. Transfer or add any custom domains to your website
  7. Redirect site visitors and crawlers to your custom URL
  8. Enable crawlers to index your website

Your Acquia Cloud Site Factory website is complete, and site visitors can now visit your website based on the custom domain name that you associated with it.

Additional information

For a more in-depth walk through of the website creation process, see Getting started with Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

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