Customizing site appearance

In Drupal, your website's theme is how the different visual elements that make up your website are combined and placed. It includes the available regions that you can use, different layouts on different pages, and the selection of colors, fonts, and graphics.

Your theming options for your websites on Acquia Cloud Site Factory depend on which Drupal distribution you're using and your subscription level.

  • Theming with the Gardens distribution

    If you're using the Gardens distribution (SaaS, SaaS+, and some PaaS subscription customers), you have two methods that you can use to theme your website:

    • ThemeBuilder

      The ThemeBuilder is a point-and-click tool that was designed to allow site builders and developers the ability to easily style websites, even if they didn’t have experience with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). You can use the themes that come with the Gardens distribution as they are, or you can fully customize them to create a unique look.

      The themes that are included with the Gardens distribution are standard, responsive-ready Drupal themes. Behind the scenes, Acquia Cloud Site Factory combines your styling choices and any image files you upload into valid CSS, creating a fully exportable and compatible Drupal theme that you can use on any Drupal 7 website.

      For more information about the ThemeBuilder, see Using ThemeBuilder.

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