Platform Email Service Guide


For additional information about Platform Email Service, see its product documentation.

Last updated: January 28, 2022

Acquia provides a robust transactional email sending solution. To use Platform Email Service, customers must update the authoritative DNS configuration. Acquia manages the service, however, the service leverages the AWS SES infrastructure. Platform Email Service does not support the multi-region capability for sending emails, and all emails are sent from the us-east-1 region. For all Cloud Platform customers who utilize Platform Email Service, the following Resource Limits policy applies:

  • Email sending domains: The number of domains a customer can configure is determined at the subscription level. The number of domains are subject to increase.
  • Maximum recipient in one email: Platform Email supports a maximum of 50 unique recipients including to, cc, and bcc fields in an email. Any email sent to email DL (alias) is counted as one.
  • Maximum message size: Platform Email supports a maximum email size upto 10 MB per message.
  • Email attachment: Platform Email service does not support email attachments.
  • Spam and Bounce: Customers are automatically blocked when the email bounce threshold reaches 8% or the spam detection exceeds 0.4%. After a customer is blocked, any sent email is lost and cannot be recovered.
  • Use verified domain only for sending email: Customers are responsible for using a verified domain only for sending email in Drupal or in their cron jobs. If the email sending domain is not verified or not attached to the application, emails are not sent.

Usage Limitations

Acquia reserves the right to enforce resource limits on Customer applications. With your Cloud Platform and Site Factory subscription, you obtain access to Platform Email. If you exceed the quota set for your entitlement, you cannot send emails. If you are near your monthly quota, Acquia notifies you about the same periodically. However, you cannot carry over unused email allotment to subsequent months. Based on your entitlement, you have the allotted amount per month and the count restarts at the start of each calendar month.

The following resource limitations correspond to each subscription entitlement level.

All use of platform email is subject to Acquia Acceptable Use Policy.

Cloud Entitlements Standard Plus Premium Elite
Number of Domains 10 20 20 20
Site Factory Entitlements Standard Premium
Number of Domains 150 750