Acquia Platform Migration Services Product Guide

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Last updated: November 2, 2016

  1. Migration Services

    If included in Customer’s Order, Acquia will migrate Customer’s existing Code Base to the Acquia Cloud platform. Prior to Acquia performing Migration Services, Customer shall ensure that its website is running on a version of PHP supported by Acquia as defined in the Support Users Guide. Customer shall provide Acquia with an administrative login to the Code Base to be migrated and have a technical point of contact that is familiar with Drupal. Migration Services include:

    • Initial, intermediate and final migration of a single Code Base, database, and associated file assets. Acquia will provide up to three syncs of the website during the migration.
    • Configuration changes to settings.php to connect to Acquia Cloud.
    • A basic review of Customer’s existing Drupal site configuration, module selection, and code for potential availability risks.
    • Migration regressions root cause analysis and recommendations.
    • Installation of the Acquia Connector and Acquia Search.
    • Core and contributed module major version security upgrades.

    Acquia Platform Migration Services are performed remotely by Acquia and Acquia will require an administrative login to Customer’s website. Customer agrees to cooperate with Acquia to the extent necessary for Acquia to perform the services and shall provide Acquia with access to Customer's personnel. Once migrated, Acquia will conduct a light infrastructure site audit to determine whether any issues with the website may cause the launch to be unsuccessful. Following such audit, Acquia will disclose any launch blockers to Customer. Customer may either fix the launch blockers itself or engage Acquia at its standard professional services rates to fix the blockers. Any delays resulting from Customer’s failure to perform or fulfill its responsibilities (e.g., not having systems ready or failing to provide necessary data) will not affect the term of the applicable services or the payment schedule. Customer may purchase a full infrastructure site audit for an additional fee and subject to a separate Order.

    In the event Acquia determines that additional storage or servers are insufficient to properly migrate Customer’s website, Acquia will inform Customer and Acquia will provision the additional necessary storage or capacity at Customer’s expense.

    Migrations are available as noted below in small, medium, and large options, depending on the size and complexity of Customer’s project. Customers should anticipate at least four weeks to complete platform migration.

    Options Small/Train the Team1 Medium Large
    Drupal Code Bases / Multi-Sites 1 – 2 2 – 4 3 - 5+
    Drupal Core Version Within 5 releases of current Within 10 releases of current > 10 Releases behind current
    Custom Code Clearly documented / described by Customer Not fully documented / described by Customer
    Contributed Modules by Drupal Community Up to 100 Up to 150 > 150
    Media Assets (for example, videos and songs) < 10 GB / 2 locations < 20 GB / 3 Locations > 10 GB / 3 locations
    Database Storage < 2 GB < 10 GB > 10 GB
    Host LAMP LAMP or non-LAMP
    Special PaaS Requirements (for example, VPN or IP white listing) No Yes Yes
    Shared Database No Yes Yes
    Contributed Modules by Drupal Community No Yes Yes (with DB requirements)

    1 Train the Team requires remote access.

  2. Migration Train Your Team

    If included in Customer’s Order, Acquia will spend up to six hours training Customer in the basic use of Acquia’s migration tools and processes, including Git and Drush, to enable Customer to move its website(s) to the Acquia platform. An Acquia engineer will work with Customer to identify the best migration process for Customer requirements, including elements of the process that can be automated for repeatability and consistency across the full range of website(s) Customer intends to migrate.

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