Mollom Product Guide

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Last updated: April 13, 2016

If included on Customer’s Order, Acquia will provide the following services:

  1. Mollom Content Moderation Services

    Customer website(s) using Mollom will send data they want checked to the Mollom account, and Mollom replies with either a Spam, Ham or Unsure classification. Through the Mollom account, Customer will create an access key pair for each of the Customer websites. Customer cannot use the same key pair for more than one website.

    1. CAPTCHA Service

      Mollom includes a centralized CAPTCHA intended to stop non-human spam bots. Approved users are not required to solve a CAPTCHA. The CAPTCHA is invoked for three specific use cases: (i) upon user registration, when no content can be classified, (ii) when Mollom is unable to classify a user, and (iii) when a site owner using Mollom opts for more privacy, and Mollom isn’t allowed to audit all content. Such events will prompt Customer websites to ask Mollom's CAPTCHA server for an audio or visual CAPTCHA challenge to present to the user. If the response is correct, the content will be accepted. Otherwise the post will be rejected.

    2. Profanity Filter

      Mollom uses text analytics to detect harmful content such as profanity and other spam-related content.

    3. Mollom Account Data

      Mollom stores User Data in order to facilitate the improvement of Mollom. With respect to the processing of User Data, Customer will be considered a "controller" and Acquia will be considered a "processor" as defined in the Data Protection Act. Acquia will not use any User Data it processes for purposes outside the scope of these terms. Upon termination of the Mollom subscription, Acquia will retain the right to use the User Data for the sole purpose of improving Mollom.

    4. Mollom Service Levels

      Acquia will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that Mollom is available to Customer 99.9% of the time in any calendar month. Mollom Unavailability caused by the following are excluded from calculating the availability uptime: (i) factors outside of Acquia's reasonable control; (ii) outages from any actions or inactions of the Customer or any third parties engaged by Customer; (iii) outages caused by programming errors in Customer's website(s) or by programming bugs in the third-party extensions/modules; (iv) outages caused by the fact that Customer's website(s) did not implement Acquia’s Customer-side load balancing mechanism as specified in the Mollom Customer API; (v) outages that are not reported within five days; and (vi) outages from Acquia scheduled maintenance of Mollom where Acquia did notify Customer at least three days prior to the commencement of the maintenance work (there will be no more than two hours of scheduled maintenance downtime of Mollom per calendar year).

      In the event Acquia does not meet 99.9% general availability of Mollom for a calendar month, for each one-half hour of unavailability Customer will receive a one-day extension of its Mollom subscription (each a “Mollom Service Extension”). To properly claim a Mollom Service Extension, Customer must inform Acquia within five days of the purported outage and provide a full description of the Mollom interruption, including logs if applicable. If Customer has accumulated Mollom Service Extensions during two consecutive months or three months in any six-month period, Customer may terminate the Mollom portion of its Subscription upon seven days advance written notice to Acquia. The Mollom Service Extension and termination rights constitute Customer’s exclusive remedy and Acquia’s sole liability and obligation for any failure to maintain the Mollom service level.

    5. Customer Obligations

      In order to use Mollom, Customer must create a Mollom account on the website in order to receive a username and password. Customer will only provide true and accurate information for its Mollom account and will promptly update such information as necessary. Through the Mollom account, Customer will create an access key pair for each of the Customer websites. Customer will not use the same key pair for more than one website.

      By using Mollom, Customer is agreeing to comply with the Mollom Usage Guidelines. Customer is responsible to inform its website visitors, and to obtain appropriate consent from them, to allow Acquia to process the User Data for anti-spam purpose, as described in these terms. Customer will at least publish a message that informs visitors that "by posting a message, you accept that your message and other personal details about you will be analyzed and stored for anti-spam and quality monitoring purposes, in accordance with the Mollom privacy policy," accompanied by a link to either the Mollom privacy policy (or to its own privacy policy that informs the website visitors about the privacy aspects of Mollom).

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