Optional add-on offerings Product Guide

Last updated: July 14, 2020

Acquia will provide the services described below only if purchased by Customer, as indicated in the Order.

1. Multi-Region Replication With Failover

The Acquia Multi-Region service is an extension of Acquia Cloud Platform Enterprise and is limited to one Code Base. Fees for this service cover environment and application set up preparation, ongoing support and operational service, coordination and restoration of service during outages, and development on improving the service. Multi Region Failover requires Customers to use a third party CDN to achieve failover in the event of primary Region loss. Customer is responsible for performing the failover upon Acquia’s recommendation during a Region outage. Customer may be required to implement Acquia recommended application changes to ensure optimal Multi Region Service and support. Customer must provide Acquia with at least five business days advance notice before electing to add an additional Code Base to this service.

2. Acquia Search Dedicated Instance

Acquia will provide Customer with the Acquia Search Dedicated instance, which provides an isolated, hosted search environment for its website(s) that is totally dedicated to a particular Customer. Dedicated Search includes the following:

  • The ability to scale queries and index size beyond limits available on shared search
  • A 99.95% uptime in accordance with Acquia’s Service Level Policy
  • Ability for Customer to perform load tests
  • Option to deploy other Solr libraries (Customer must test libraries locally)
  • The ability for Customer to provision additional indexes to support multiple search use cases

3. Federated Authentication

Federated Authentication enables Cloud Platform customers to enforce the login requirements of their IdP when users attempt to access protected resources. Federated Authentication is a feature of the Cloud Platform that can be purchased as an add-on, and is included with certain Cloud Platform subscriptions, as specified in the package description. Federated Authentication only supports SP-initiated SAML flows, and requires customers to use an IdP that supports SP-initiated flows. Customers need to integrate their IdP with the Federated Authentication feature.