Technical Account Manager Product Guide

Last updated: November 2, 2016

  1. Technical Account Manager

    Customers with an Acquia Cloud Enterprise Premium Elite subscription and/or Acquia Cloud Site Factory Elite subscription may add a Technical Account Manager (TAM) to their Subscription for an additional fee. Team TAM Subscriptions include access to a team of three to four Technical Account Managers supporting a group of customers. Customers with a Named TAM Subscription are provided with a TAM who support an average of six customers per TAM, and Global TAMs typically support two to three customers per TAM.

    1. In-scope Activities

      TAMs will provide Customers with guidance, best practices, training, recommendations and/or consultation on the development, deployment or operation of Drupal, and for Acquia Cloud Site Factory Elite Subscriptions, the general creation, deployment, and operation of the website(s) on the Acquia Cloud Site Factory Platform. Depending upon the nature of the request, these activities may be delivered by the TAM or by another Acquia resource under the guidance of the TAM. Examples of TAM advice and guidance include:

      • Convey best practices, including mentoring for proper team composition, discovery, project planning, development techniques, integration, deployment and ongoing operations.
      • Mitigate risks of project planning, development, and deployment by acting as a central Drupal expert resource working with Customer stakeholders and selected development partner(s).
      • Provide ad-hoc guidance during development and deployment including Drupal architecture, module selection, integration of Drupal APIs, performance tuning, scalability, security etc.
      • Develop deep understanding of application so Acquia can provide optimal support during development, deployment and operations.
    2. Onsite Visits

      If ordered by Customer under a Named TAM or Global TAM Subscription, the TAM may meet onsite with Customer up to one day per quarter (one day per month for Global TAM). Travel and expenses for each visit is included with Customer’s Subscription. Any additional travel and expenses are billable. Any additional travel and expenses shall be invoiced to Customer in accordance with the Agreement.

    3. Out-of-scope Activities

      TAMs are expert-level advisors and guides to Drupal and Acquia’s products and services. TAMs are not development resources and thus certain activities are out of scope for TAM:

      • Write code, or modify existing code of any kind: including but not limited to any code in a website codebase, webpage authoring, shell scripts, or utility scripts.
      • Build or modify Drupal websites for Customer, including but not limited to module installation, website building through the Drupal UI, website administration or configuration, content authoring, editing, or administration.
      • Install, maintain, or configure software on Customer-maintained infrastructure.
      • Work on-site at a Customer’s business, outside of onsite visits described above.
      • Act as first responders for website emergencies. Customers should open a Critical issue with Global Support as a first measure in an emergency.
    4. Application Assurances

      TAMs will provide Application Assurances purchased by Customer, as indicated in the Order.

    5. Semiannual Assurances

      TAMs will conduct two Application Assurances, each on a single Drupal website, during the twelve month period covered under the Customer’s order. For each Assurance, Customer will arrange scheduling with TAM, and select which website will be the subject of the Assurance.

    6. Quarterly Assurances

      TAMs will conduct four Application Assurances, each on a single Drupal website, during the twelve month period covered under the Customer’s order. For each Assurance, Customer will arrange scheduling with TAM, and select which website will be the subject of the Assurance.

    7. Application Assurance Description

      For each Application Assurance, Acquia will conduct a set of automated and manual Drupal application and stack investigations to gauge critical health metrics for the website selected by the Customer. At the conclusion of the review, Acquia will provide a written Application Assurance report with findings of the review, along with recommendations that may improve website security, performance, and scalability. Acquia will provide the report within two weeks of the completion of the assurance. At Customer’s request, Acquia will review the report results with Customer so the Customer is aware of the business risks and understands the technical suggestions.

      Application Assurances are conducted remotely, and can only be applied to Drupal websites hosted on Acquia Cloud or Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

      Assurance health metric categories and potential areas for recommendations include (but are not limited to): Commonly-exploited security vectors; Site Performance; Hardware utilization/capacity; Traffic analysis.

Acquia Inc. reserves the right to change the Products and Services Guide based on prevailing market practices and the evolution of our products. Changes will not result in a degradation in the level of services provided during the period for which fees for such services have been paid.

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