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How can I manage Cloud IDE?

To create, delete, list or open Cloud IDE, you must install Acquia CLI.

How can I manage permissions for Cloud IDE?

When managing your Cloud Platform organization’s roles, you can configure two permissions:

  • Create and manage own Cloud IDE: to create, access, and remove personal Cloud IDE within an application.
  • Manage any Cloud IDE: to list and remove any Cloud IDE within an application. This permission doesn’t grant the user access to the contents of the Cloud IDE.

Can I use Cloud IDE with an external Git repository?

Yes, you can use any Git repository such as Github, Bitbucket, or GitLab. You must install an SSH key in the Acquia Cloud IDE that has permissions to access the external repository.

Where can I find MySQL databases in my Cloud IDE?

MySQL data is available under /home/ide/mysql-data.

How does Cloud IDE integrate with Cloud Platform pipelines?

If you configure the Cloud Platform pipelines feature to work with your Git repository, all Git pushes to the repository, or pull requests (PRs) opened from your external provider, will trigger a pipelines job.

How does Cloud IDE relate to Acquia Dev Desktop?

Cloud IDE and Acquia Dev Desktop are separate products. Acquia Dev Desktop runs a LAMP stack locally on your computer to develop Drupal. Cloud IDE is a cloud-hosted, browser-based development environment and source code editor for Drupal which simplifies Drupal development and integration with Cloud Platform applications.