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Settings and preferences

With Cloud IDE, you can modify several preference settings to customize the application for your needs, including altering the display of Cloud IDE.

To edit your preferences, including your Cloud IDE user or workspace settings, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Cloud IDE by running the following command:

    acli ide:open
  2. In the admin menu, go to File > Settings > Open Preferences.

  3. Identify the section containing the setting you want to edit, and then click the section header to display the settings.


    • User preferences exist under ~/.theia/settings.json. This file must not be changed since Acquia can overwrite it with new features and values.
    • Workspace preferences exist under ~/project/.theia/settings.json. This file has precedence over User preferences and includes custom settings.
  4. Click the setting you want to change. Your Cloud IDE will display a window containing values you can select.

  5. Save your changes, using the method based on your operating system:

    • macOS: Press Command+S.
    • Windows: Press Control+S.
    • Linux: Press Control+S.

After you save your changes, Cloud IDE will immediately use your updated preferences.