Acquia Lift Classic

The Acquia Lift content personalization platform makes it easy for you to promote the best content, products and services that you have to offer. The end result? Increased page views, repeat visits and higher conversion rates.

Using the Acquia Lift Classic functionality, you can create a high-resolution profile of your visitors, which allows you to track user activity and personalize your website's marketing messages.

Adding Acquia Lift Classic to your webpages

If your website uses a content management system (CMS) other than Drupal, you can add a simple JavaScript code snippet to your website, which will insert personalized content directly into your website, regardless of the content management system that you use. For information about adding the JavaScript tracking code to your website, see Tracking site activity with Acquia Lift.

After you start collecting information about how your visitors interact with your website, you can review and segment those interactions by using Acquia Lift Web.

Signing in to Acquia Lift Web

There are two ways to sign in to the Acquia Lift Web interface and manage your campaigns and visitor information.

  • In your browser, go to:
  • If you're using the Acquia Lift Drupal modules, you can click the Acquia Lift Web Admin link in the Acquia Lift menu bar.

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