Displaying Acquia Lift diagnostic messages

Because you're seamlessly integrating personalized content into your website, it can be difficult to determine where errors and issues may be occurring. Is it a theming issue with your website, or is Acquia Lift not serving the content that you expect?

To provide more insight into how Acquia Lift Drupal is working with your website, you can enable debug mode and view status and error messages from Acquia Lift in your browser's console window.

Enabling debug mode

To enable debug mode for Acquia Lift Drupal, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your website as a user with the permission to administer the personalization settings.
  2. In the admin menu, go to Configuration > Personalization settings, and then click the General tab.
  3. Select the Debug mode check box.
  4. Click Save configuration.

Acquia Lift debug messages will now start to appear in the browser console of users configured to receive the messages.

Viewing messages in the browser console

By default, user accounts with the blank website permission can view Acquia Lift status messages in their browser console.

For more information about how to start the developer tools for your browser, which includes the console for webpage status messages, see Browser developer tools.

Viewing messages for non-administrators

If you want to view status messages for users who are not administrators (including anonymous website visitors who have not signed in), you can enable a browser cookie that enables the display of debug messages for the browser.

Create a local cookie for the user called personalizeDebugMode with a value of 1. After you save the cookie and reload the webpage, Acquia Lift status messages should appear in the browser's console.

Diagnostic message listing

OK messages

Code Message Description
2000 Decision being requested from the agent The personalization code requested a personalized variation from the decision engine, which includes [acquia-products:cha].
2001 Decision being read from storage (cached decision) The personalization code requested a personalized variation previously stored in the browser cache.
2002 Showing pre-selected option (option preview or shareable option) The personalization code requested a personalized variation based on a defined URL, which occurs when administrators select a variation for preview, or if website visitors view a particular variation from a shared link.
To enable or disable shareable personalized variations for a personalization, edit the personalization, select the variation set, and then in the Advanced section, either select or clear the Shareable check box, respectively.
2003 Showing fallback option (either due to admin mode or the campaign not active) The personalization code requested the default, fallback variation for the variation set.
2020 Executor being called for decision The personalization engine displayed the requested personalized variation.

WARNING messages

Code Message Description
3001 Client-side goal registered to page but there’s no element matching The personalization code encountered a goal that does not match any of the displayed webpage's elements.
3002 Option set on the page with selector that doesn’t match any DOM element The personalization code encountered a variation that does not match any of the elements in the webpage's document object model (DOM).

ERROR messages

Code Message Description
5100 Problem getting a decision from Lift Your website could not connect to Acquia Lift. Go to Configuration > Personalization settings > Acquia Lift, and then click Test connection to Acquia Lift to test your connection.
The personalization code instead requested the default, fallback variation for the variation set.

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