Backup and Migrate module not supported on Acquia Cloud

The Backup and Migrate module is not currently supported on Acquia Cloud for several reasons:

  • The module has a negative impact on the Gluster filesystem.
  • The module can cause performance issues as it hits the active database (rather than the passive).
  • Structural issues can occur in the database when only certain tables (rather than the entire database) are copied across. Backup and Migrate allows you to choose a subset of your database tables.

Acquia suggests that you use one of the following alternate methods instead of the Backup and Migrate module:

  • Use the Workflow UI

    In Acquia Cloud interface, go to Cloud > Databases, and then click Backup for one or more environments.

    • This method avoids the performance issue by using the passive database.
    • This method ensures database integrity by copying the entire database rather than certain tables or rows.
  • Use rsync for files and backups

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