Site Factory subscriptions

Acquia Cloud Site Factory provides organizations and developers a standard Drupal-as-a-service experience, but with levels of feature flexibility. As a customer, your website development options can range from using the service and its features as they are presented to having the ability to add features and modules as needed to provide any level of functionality to your website visitors.

With Acquia Cloud Site Factory, you are in control of your own codebase, which includes the option of using your own custom Drupal distribution. Acquia Cloud Site Factory enables you to:

  • Create and manage your websites through a single dashboard
  • Organize your websites into logical groups
  • Upload your own code (themes and modules) to your websites without Acquia involvement
  • Manage your websites' cron jobs using the Factory interface

For more information about how you can manage your websites’ codebases and the development workflow, see Managing your subscription.

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