Troubleshooting Acquia Lift

It is possible to view specific users' activity to verify if your segments and rules are working correctly.

Data collection

There are steps you can take to verify that data collection is happening for a particular user. Each user has a tracking id, which is used to identify individual website visitors. Once you know a user's ID, you can use it to view information about that user's activity on your website. To look up a user ID, complete the following steps:

  1. Using your browser developer tools, locate the tc_ptid cookie generated under the domain of a website running Acquia Lift. This cookie contains the Acquia Lift tracking ID in the second column.
  2. Sign in to the Profile Manager admin.
  3. Click the People tab.
  4. In the Find people text box, paste the tracking_id.
  5. Click the ID.

This enables you to view a user's activity and ensure that they are collecting the expected information, as described in Examining visitor information. Each page view should appear as a Content View event. Each rule decision should appear as a Decision event. You can also look at individual events and see the Matched Segments that were returned by Acquia Lift.

lift matched events


When segments are created, you may want to verify that they are reaching their intended audience.

Once you know the person ID, you can look at the event details to find all the segments that the visitor matched for each event.

You can confirm the validity of a segment and the audience it will reach using the segment estimation tool.

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