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Message queue: Listen adaptor

The message queue listen adaptor allows a graph to listen to messages arriving in a message queue and process them. The listen adaptor continuously polls the queue for new messages. The poll interval can be specified in the adaptor.

Creating the adaptor

To create the message queue listen adaptor on any graph, complete the following steps:


To create a message queue listen adaptor it is best practice, but not necessary, to create a database connection.

  1. Click Add in the top right of a graph window. This will display the Listener configuration dialog.
  2. In the Adaptor Connection (Environment) list, either click the connection that you want to use or edit it directly by clicking the pencil icon next to the connection name
  3. Specify the Listen Interval in seconds.
  4. Choose the target location for the output from the queue.
  5. Click Save.

Validation warnings

Attempting to save the message queue listen adaptor without completing all of the necessary parts will create one or more notifications:

Warning Description
Queue Listener must have a Connection set No connection has been selected.
Queue Listener must have an Output The queue listener needs a location to write the incoming records to.