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Twitter: Listen adaptor

The Twitter Listen Adaptor allows a graph to listen for user stream messages for the authenticated user. These include Tweets containing keywords, hashtags or usernames and events including friends lists, direct messages and several other event types.

Creating the adaptor

To create the Twitter listen adaptor on any graph, complete the following actions:


To create a Twitter listen adaptor, it’s best practice, but not necessary, to create a database connection.

  1. Sign in to your Acquia Journey interface.

  2. Click Add in the upper-right of the graph window. This will display the Listener configuration dialog box.

  3. In the Listener Type list, click Twitter.

  4. In the Adaptor Connection (Environment) list, either click the connection you want to use or edit it directly by clicking the pencil icon next to the connection name

  5. In the Twitter Listen Mode list, click either Keywords or User Stream.

    • Keywords listen mode — In this mode, the Listener will connect to the Twitter streaming API and find any tweet texts, hashtags or mentions of usernames matching the specified tracking phrases.

      The tracking phrase is a comma-separated list of phrases which will be used to determine what Tweets will be delivered on the stream. A phrase may be one or more terms separated by spaces, and a phrase will match if all the terms in the phrase are present in the Tweet, regardless of order and ignoring case. By this model, you can think of commas as logical ORs, while spaces are equivalent to logical ANDs (for example, the twitter is the AND twitter, and the,twitter is the OR twitter).

      The returned values will be a Twitter tweet object.

    • User event stream mode — In this mode, the Listener will connect to the User Stream for the authorized user and return the user stream messages as defined in the Twitter API. You can choose one or more of the outputs to receive:

      • Events — Notifications about non-Tweet events, which includes Like and Unlike events.
      • Friends — Upon establishing a User Stream connection, Twitter will send a preamble before starting regular message delivery. This preamble contains a list of the user’s friends. This is represented as an array of user ids.
      • Direct Messages — Returns direct message objects as defined in the Twitter API.
      • Tweet — Any Tweets from the user.


    • The User event stream mode allows you to listen to several user accounts.
    • If you follow specific users on your Twitter account, your listener will pick up details when there is a new post on that user’s timeline.
  6. Click Save.

Validation warnings

Attempting to save the Database Listen Adaptor without completing all the necessary parts will create one or more notifications:

Warning Description
Twitter Listener must have a Connection set No connection has been selected
Twitter Listener must have an output destination set The Twitter Listener needs a location to write the incoming records to for all the output types
Twitter Keyword Listener must have a keywords tracking phase To track phrases, the keywords tracking phrase must not be empty