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Twitter: Write adaptor

The Twitter Write adaptor allows the following Twitter actions to be taken:

  • Reply to a tweet
  • Tweet a new tweet
  • Retweet a tweet
  • Send a direct message

Creating the adaptor

Create a Twitter adaptor, and when it appears for configuration, in the Twitter Action list, be sure to click Write. For information about creating or configuring adaptors, see Acquia Journey adaptors.

After you have created the adaptor, complete the following actions:

  1. In the Twitter Write Option section, select one of the following values:

    • Reply
    • Tweet
    • Retweet
    • Direct Message
  2. Depending on which Twitter Write Option you choose, you must provide one or more other pieces of information.

    Action User Screen Name Tweet ID Tweet Text User ID Note
    Reply Required Required Required Not Required Replies must start with the user screen name. This is pre-populated.
    Tweet Not Required Not Required Required Not Required Requires the new tweet text
    Retweet Not Required Required Not Required Not Required Only requires the ID of the retweeted tweet
    Direct Message Not Required Not Required Required Required Requires the user ID and the message to be sent
  3. Optionally provide an array of Twitter Media IDs. Acquia doesn’t upload the media, and media IDs must be loaded externally. These IDs will be 64-bit integer identifiers.

For each of the Reply, Tweet, and Retweet actions, the output from the node is the newly created tweet object.

For the Direct Message action the value returned is the unique ID of the direct message.

Validation warnings

Warning Description
Adaptor doesn’t have connection set It’s necessary to create a connection and choose it from the Adaptor Connection menu
This adaptor’s configuration requires a data source to be set No data location for the message to be written to the queue has been chosen
Parameter(s) need a data source Some parameters haven’t received data sources to read/write from