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Deploying graphs

After you’ve visually tested a graph, you can deploy it into an environment. To learn more about environments in Acquia Journey, see Creating and managing environments.

Viewing graphs

To view the graphs available for deployment, and to also view any deployed graphs, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Acquia Journey.
  2. From the projects list, identify the project you want to deploy a graph for, and click its title. Acquia Journey will display the Overview tab for your project.
  3. Click View Deployments.

The Deployable Graphs list displays all deployable graphs in each environment. A deployable graph is any valid graph with a listener node. If a graph doesn’t have a listener, Acquia Journey won’t display the graph in the list. The active version of the graph, selected from the Versions tab, will be deployed.

If the environment doesn’t have valid connections, then the Invalid Connections message will be displayed.

If the listener graph is using the Graph API: Listen adaptor, then the endpoint will be different for the chosen environment, allowing you to deploy to a higher production environment while continuing development in your non-production environment.

Starting and stopping a graph

To start or stop execution of a graph, complete the following actions:

  1. Complete the steps for Viewing graphs.
  2. In the Deployable Graphs list, for the graph you want to start or stop:
    • If you want to execute the graph, click its play icon. Acquia Journey will display the graph status as Running.
    • If you want to stop the graph, click the stop icon.

Deployment alerts

After you deploy a graph, Acquia Journey will email any execution problems it encounters to contacts in the Contacts detail view of the Project Admin page. For information about adding contacts, see Contacts.

Deployment alert emails have the following format:

Subject: Acquia Journey 2016 Deployment Event Alert
Date: January 18, 2017 at 1:10:50 AM EST
To: <Contact>
From: <[email protected]>
This is an automated email from Acquia.
There was a Deployment State Change, from: Running to Critical, for the graph detailed below.
Deployment Details:
Graph Name: <Graph Name>
Version: <Version or Current>
Project: <Project Name>
Environment: <Environment Name>
Organization: <Organization Name>