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Adding users to Acquia Journey

This feature requires that you have the Owner role for your organization.

Adding a user

To add a user, complete the following actions:

  1. Sign in to Acquia Journey.

  2. From the Admin page, click Users in the left menu.


    If the Users tab is not visible, but you require access to it, contact Acquia Support.

  3. From the user details view, click the plus icon. Acquia Journey will display an Add User dialog box.

  4. Enter the Name and Email address of the user to be added in the appropriate fields.


    The users are not restricted by domain, so use caution when entering the email address.

  5. Click Create User.

The user administration panel will display the new user’s details. You can now add a user to groups or projects, and set the user’s role in the project.


To add a user to a group, use the Groups tab in the Admin screen. For more information, see Creating and managing groups.

The user will receive a welcome email including the information needed to sign in to Acquia Journey.