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Database connection

Using a database, you can save information for later use, or query existing data to provide a customized experience for your users. To use a database adaptor with your project, you must first connect to your database by configuring a database connection.

For information about creating, configuring, or testing connections, see Managing Acquia Journey connections.

  • Type – The database type making the connection. The following types are available for your use:

    • MySQL – Version 5.6 and greater; includes Amazon Web Services Aurora
    • MSSQL – Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and greater; includes SQL Azure
    • Oracle – Version 10i and greater
    • PostgresSQL – Version 9.X
  • User Name – Name of the user to log in to the database.

    Note for SQL Server on Azure

    The username is user@server where server is the first part of the fully qualified domain name for the database. For example, if the server is and the user is acquia, then the username would be acquia@demo.

  • Password – Password of the user to log in to the database.

  • Host Name – Physical host name (IP address or fully qualified domain name) of the database server. In Oracle, the name of the load balancer.

  • Port – The port on which the database is listening for connections. The default ports for the supported databases are as follows:

    • MySQL3306
    • MSSQL1433
    • Oracle1521
    • PostgresSQL5432
  • Database Name – The name of the default database or schema.