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Creating connections and adaptors

Acquia Journey uses Connections to connect to systems and services outside of Acquia Journey. This includes databases, web services, social media platforms, message queues and email systems. An adaptor is a particular method on a connection. For example on a web service connection you might have a GET adaptor and a POST adaptor with different query parameters and input and output data.

A single connection definition can be used to create many adaptors. Connections can only be created by project administrators.

In this example we will demonstrate making different web service calls to httpbin the excellent web service testing site. This provides open access to all kinds of web service calls for development and testing.

Creating a web service connection

In the Admin Console Add a New Connection and choose the web service type.

In the Web Service default environment set the end point for the web service - in this case

Save the Connector and it is now ready to use in a graph.

Creating a web service GET adaptor

Create a new web service adaptor.

Now configure the adaptor:

  • Choose the connection from the drop down list
  • Choose the web service method from one of: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
  • Extend the URL with any resource names, query parameters or Acquia Journey parameters. Acquia Journey parameters are specified as %%paramName%%
  • Set the output destination
  • Update the call and identify new parameters by pressing the Save Edits button

After the adaptor is valid then it can be used in a graph.