Executing a journey

After you have created a customer journey, be sure that you have completed the following items before attempting to execute the completed journey:

When all of the previous steps have been completed, you are ready to deploy your customer journey and have it run in headless mode. In the Journey window, ensure that you do not have any journey step selected. The right panel has two modes: Design and Execution. Ensure that Execution is selected.

Execution mode

The Journey Execution section displays the current state of all of the valid deployable graphs linked to this journey.

The whole customer journey and all of the associated graphs can be deployed at once by clicking Deploy. If you want to deploy graphs individually, open the list of deployable graphs by click the plus icon ( Plus icon ) to display each graph. Deploying graphs from this location is equivalent to deploying graphs from the Admin page. If you have more than one environment, Acquia Journey will display the state of the graphs in each environment.

Graph state listing

When the journey starts to execute, the metrics will update. Again if you have more than one environment, Acquia Journey will both display a list in the metrics panel to the right of the journey map and in the metrics dialog window from the project tile.

Journey metrics

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