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Creating a journey map

To create a customer journey for your project click on the Create button on the Journeys tab of the project page. This brings you to the Add new Journey dialog for this project. In order to create a new journey you need to project a Name, a Description and then press the Create journey button at the bottom of the screen.

Journey Mapper

After the customer journey has been created you will see the Journey Mapper interface that allows the creation and annotation of customer journeys in a free-form manner. The Journey Mapper also allows metrics to be created and associated with journey elements and for journey elements to be associated with graphs.

The Journey Mapper has the following panels:

  • The canvas shown on the left hand side of the window
  • The right hand column in Design or Execution mode controlled by the toggle switch at the top right of the window
  • In Design Mode the right hand panels are from top to bottom:
    • The Journey Name and Description panel
    • The Step panel
  • In Execution mode the right hand panels are from top to bottom:
    • The Journey Name and Description panel
    • The Journey Execution panel
    • The Metrics panel

Each panel can be expanded to fill the full right hand column by clicking the expand icon in the top right of each panel. The panel can be collapsed by clicking the collapse icon.

The journey mapper also enables you to generate images or screenshots of your journey as either a .PNG or a .PDF. Click the Generate Image link and you will be presented with the following options:

  • Include Title
  • Include Logo
  • Include Border
  • Include Background

When you’re ready to generate the image, click the appropriate button and an image will be generated for you. You should be able to find this image in the Downloads section of your OS or web browser.

Drawing and annotating journeys

New journey steps can be added to the map by dragging out a new icon from any step on the map on the grab arrow that appears on the step.

Click and drag image

or by right clicking on the Journey Map canvas and clicking Add Step to Journey. Steps are deleted from the map by right clicking on the step and clicking ‘Delete Step’.

The icon itself, the background color, and foreground color can be changed for any icon either by clicking on the icon and then using the Customize Journey Step panel on the right hand side of the window or right clicking on an icon on the canvas and clicking Apply New Style to Step.

The Customize Journey Step panel allows control over the foreground and background colors as well as the icon type itself.

The Customer Journey can be created using any combination of icons and foreground and background colors.

Each Journey Step has a Step Name and a Description which are edited by clicking on the step and changing the values in the right hand Edit Step panel. The Save Changes to Step button should be clicked before deselecting the journey step.

The Journey Map has two modes for showing only the journey steps or the steps with the names of the steps in the bottom of each step. The Hide/Show Step Names button to the top right of the canvas is used to toggle between the two views.

The links between steps can also be annotated by clicking on the link and using the right hand panel to change the link name and description. Separately the link background color and text color can be changed to fit any desired color scheme. After a color has been chosen from the color picker the hexadecimal code for that color can be copied and pasted to other links.

Journey Map collaboration

The Journey Map and the Graph Editor are collaborative tools. Only one person at a time can be editing the journey map but multiple people can be viewing the journey map. If the journey map is being edited by another user then the screen will be “gray” and a “Currently Being Edited By” message will be shown at the bottom right of the screen. You can watch other people modify the journey whilst it is in a locked state.

To take the lock press the Release Lock button. This will allow you to edit the journey. If two people release the lock at the same time the next person to actually edit the journey will be the person who captures the lock.