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Creating metrics and goals

Metrics enable the user to add counters, monetary value, and analytics to Acquia Journey Customer Journeys. Metrics are either created by default for listener graphs or manually defined and associated on individual nodes in the Journey Mapper and Graph. One important note is that while one can define and associate metrics in the Journey Mapper (where one conceptualizes the Customer Journey), the metrics are incremented in the Graph (where one executes the Customer Journey logic). Currently, Acquia Journey supports the following types of metrics:

  • Basic - increments a counter whenever a node has been run
  • Compound - performs a calculation that returns a percentage or decimal based on your defined numerator and denominator
  • Default - appears on all listener graphs to display the count of listeners starts and listener completes

How to create metrics

To define and associate a metric to a certain node, click on the node and select the ‘Execution Toggle’ from the top-right hand column of the window. The right hand column displays the Step editor, the Metrics panel and the Graphs panel.

New Basic Metrics can be created by selecting a node and then clicking on the ‘+ Create New Metric’ button, which will show the Create Metric dialog window. Each metric has a name, a type, an optional goal and description. Basic metrics can be of two types: Numeric or Monetary. Monetary metrics allow the selection of the currency (currently supported values are the Dollar($), Pound(£) and the Euro(€)) and the increment value.

After a metric is created it will be shown as a small tile in the Associated Metrics list. The tile has two active areas. In the top left is the favourite metric selection star and in the bottom right is the disassociate link. Up to four favorite metrics will be displayed on the project tile on the Acquia Journey home page. All metrics are shown via the metrics button on the project tile from the home screen.

If a metric is defined with a goal then a percentage of the goal achieved will be displayed and the metric tile will be coloured in red, orange or green depending on the metric completion level. The screen shot below shows the Show All Metrics window from a project that has many metrics - the four favorite metrics are shown first on this window. New metrics can also be added in this window, compound metrics especially can only be added in this window.