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Creating a project

New projects are created from the Acquia Journey Home Screen. If you are on the home screen already and you have permissions to create a new project, Acquia Journey will display the Create Project button in the top left of the window. If you are not on the home screen click on the Acquia Journey logo in the top left of the window to return to the home screen. A project contains one or more journeys, graphs and metrics.

If the Create Project button is not displayed for you, this means you do not have permission to create a new project. Speak to your site administrator to grant you the correct permissions.

Clicking the Create Project button on the screen will display the Create Project window. A project must have a name and a description.

After the project is created it will be shown as a project tile on the Acquia Journey home screen. Projects are listed in alphabetical order. It is possible to search for a project by using the filter box which performs an incremental search on all of the project names.