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Acquia Journey glossary

Acquia Journey has several terms that have specific definitions based on their use in the product.

Term Definition
Hub The Acquia Journey Hub can be accessed from any browser. We recommend Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
Journey Mapper Using the Journey Mapper, you can craft a high level customer journey, identifying channels and decisions, which link directly to the execution of the journey.
Metrics Built into the software is a way to measure the efficiency of the Journey at different steps. Basic Metrics measure counts or currency amounts and Compound Metrics display a percentage of any combination of Basic Metrics.
Version At each major milestone when working on a Project, we recommend creating a Version. You can test or deploy (run) any version of a Project.
Environment Environments are defined usually as ‘Development’, ‘UserAcceptance’ and ‘Production’. You can make as many environments in a Project as you need. In a new Project, there is a ‘default’ environment automatically created and it can be renamed at anytime.
Connections Acquia Journey Connections are the definitions of all the connections in a Project: for example connections to a particular database, web service API or to Twitter.
Node The colorful icons represent decisions or actions on a connection. Every node send, receives, transforms or returns data.
Adaptor Once a Connection is made, an Adaptor defines an action on that connection: for example replying to a Tweet using a Twitter connection.
Link Links connects Nodes. The standard links are the ‘goto’ and ‘error’. You can also have conditional nodes with Basic or Advanced operations before moving to the next node.
Graph This is the actual executable representation of the journey. Graphs are made up of Nodes and Links.
Deployments This consists of all Graphs in the Project that have a Listener and can be ‘deployed’ or run. The Graphs are grouped under each Environment in that Project. The Deployments screen gives the status of each Graphs: Starting, Running, Stopping, Warning or Critical.