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Acquia Journey Mapper

Acquia Journey has a customer Journey Mapper that enables you to create visual representations of the customer experience, mapping it to the underlying graphs that execute and support the customer journey. Each customer journey can be associated with many graphs, metrics, and goals, and can also be saved as templates to be reused in separate projects.

In the Journey Mapper view, if a node is associated with a certain metric, it can be expanded and brought up to show a graph that depicts how the metric has changed over time, making a visual graph that can be shared with others.

Accessing the Journey Mapper

To view a journey map for an existing project, perform the following actions:

  1. Sign in to Acquia Journey.
  2. From the projects list, identify the project you want to view, and click its title. Acquia Journey will display the Overview tab for your project.
  3. In the upper-right corner, click the Journeys tab.
  4. In the Journeys section, identify the journey you want to access and click its title.

In the Journey Mapper view, Acquia Journey displays journey steps to the left, and displays several editing panes on the right.

The editing panels contain possible journey steps that can be used to describe or represent each of the steps in the customer journey. Journey steps can be customized with color, icons, and styling to meet your project’s needs.

Available steps

Acquia Journey has several types of available steps that you can use to help you customize your customer journey, such as:

  • Channels – Methods of contact your customers might use, such as SMS, email, live chat, search engines, your website, and ad campaigns.
  • Social Media – Popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Sales – Sale-related items, such as shopper cards and individual transactions.
  • Miscellaneous – These items can include gamification or adding entries from a database.

For information about how to draw and annotate a journey, see Creating a journey map for information on how to draw and annotate a journey.

Journey Mapper icon bar

Several features in the Journey Mapper are included in the icon bar above the journey canvas, including on the following:

  • Generate Image – Generates an image of the entire Journey Map with the title, the Acquia Journey logo, a border, and the background in the form of a PNG or PDF.
  • Hide sidebar – Hides the right panel, causing the Journey Mapper view to display only the metrics and the steps.
  • Show step names – Indicates the names of each of the steps used in the Journey Mapper view.
  • Show pinned metrics – Displays the graphs of all metrics that have been associated with the steps in the Journey Mapper.

When the Show pinned metrics option is selected, items with metrics will display an expand icon in the bottom-right corner of the Journey step icon. Click the expand icon to view the graph for that Journey step.