Nodes in Acquia Journey

There are several available methods to express business logic in a graph. The following node types are available for use:

Node Icon Description
2D Table 2D Table node Evaluate conditions involving exactly two input values (dimensions) resulting in a single outcome.
Columnar Table Columnar Table node Evaluate complex conditions using multiple input fields, and set multiple outcomes.
Comment Comment node Annotate a graph with comments to make it easier to understand.
Conditional Conditional node Test an arbitrary boolean expression resulting in true or false outcomes.
Decision Tree Decision Tree node Filter and segment content based on rules and any number of fields.
Get Node Get node Get a value from the schema, a public variable, or a literal.
Ghost Node Ghost node Provide a placeholder for nodes or graphs not yet created.
JavaScript JavaScript node Execute arbitrary JavaScript code and return any valid JavaScript value or object.
Loop Node Loop node Execute a graph multiple times.
R Script R Script node Execute arbitrary R script inline in the graph.
Return Node Return node Return a value from a graph.
Set Node Set node Set a value in the schema or a public variable from the schema, a public variable, or a literal.
Split Test Split Test node Recommend random content, and learn from the results until a winner is chosen.

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