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Release notes - Acquia Journey

This webpage describes the regular updates Acquia has made to Acquia Journey.

For a list of known issues you may encounter when using Acquia Journey, see Known issues in Acquia Journey.

Acquia Journey 1.18.0 - June 3, 2019

Acquia Journey 1.17.0 - April 30, 2019

Acquia Journey 1.15.0 - March 15, 2019

  • Feature The Acquia Journey user interface includes several improvements in this release, including support for SAML-based single sign-on, mutual authentication in REST web services, and HTTP status codes with a new dc extension allowing dynamic redirects and authentication.
  • Change The Moment.js package now uses the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time zone for all time calculations.
  • Change Updated JavaScript node and libraries to version Node 10.
  • Fix When signing into Acquia Journey, login email addresses were case sensitive.
  • Fix Schema search filtering failed to return all results.
  • Fix Public variables failed to display in the Testing console.
  • Fix Addressed XSS (cross-website scripting) security issue.

Acquia Journey 1.13.4 - December 18, 2018

  • Change The Testing Console now expands the most recent graph execution, and minimizes previously-completed graph executions.
  • Change The transaction expand arrow and number text are now highlighted for better visibility.
  • Change Transaction paths are highlighted yellow instead of blue.
  • Change Acquia Journey now balances engine listeners evenly across the engine stack.
  • Fix In visual testing, graphs displayed the pulsating listener icon without displaying the Running confirmation in the Acquia Journey user interface.
  • Fix In visual testing, graphs under-reported the number of events, or failed to display events.
  • Fix When using a Managed graph, the schema was visible to the user.
  • Fix Users experienced a display issue when viewing the Organization list.

Acquia Journey 1.13.1 - September 7, 2018

  • Feature Acquia Journey now has a dedicated project page that provides a project overview and direct access to your project’s journeys, graphs, and metrics.
  • Feature Pages now display a breadcrumb trail with your current location.
  • Feature You can now reset your password from your user profile.
  • Feature The connection configuration screen now displays buttons for testing and saving a connection next to each other.
  • Feature The project administration navigation uses horizontal tabs for Versions, Environments, Connections, Deployments, Assignments, and Contacts.
  • Feature The Data Schema pane now provides horizontal tabs for Schema, Public Variable, and Literal data types.
  • Feature Metrics are directly accessible by clicking a node on the canvas in the Project Editor displaying the metrics icon in the lower-right corner.
  • Change Schema metadata now include the environment and project name.
  • Change The REST web service connection now supports return headers being saved to the data schema, and an adaptor supporting the HTTP PATCH method is now available.
  • Change An improved sign-in user experience.
  • Fix Several fixes in Acquia Journey not affecting users’ experience with the product.
  • Fix Metrics: Counts did not accurately update.
  • Fix Metrics: Counts did not always display properly in the project list.
  • Fix Metrics: Counts were not always accurate in screenshots of an Acquia Journey map.
  • Fix Corrected help links for the split test node and email connection.
  • Fix JavaScript variable scope was erroneously shared at the organizational level.
  • Fix Alphabetized the list of available connections in the REST adaptor.
  • Fix Using a conditional node in a graph did not work when a property name contained a period.
  • Fix Corrected the ordering of display entries in the deployments event log.
  • Fix When several time-based metric graphs opened, generating a screenshot of a Acquia Journey map failed.

Acquia Journey 1.12.3 - April 24, 2018

  • Change Improved the handling of graphs with longer execution times to avoid error messages displaying.
  • Fix Whenever an organization had no available metrics data, the Acquia Journey interface became unresponsive.

Acquia Journey 1.12.1 - April 4, 2018

  • Feature You now integrate cloud file storage into your graphs with the S3 file adaptor, enabling you to retrieve existing files and upload new files.
  • Change When browsing the Schema location, you can now filter by field name by entering the first several letters of a field name in the search box.
  • Change The Graph API listener now accepts a POST body with Content-Type: XML.
  • Change Improved performance of the Acquia Journey user interface.
  • Fix In situations involving large schema elements, the data was not always handled accurately.
  • Fix When filtering the schema location, arrays were not handled properly.
  • Fix UTF-8 characters were not always properly encoded.

Acquia Journey 1.11.2 - February 8, 2018

  • Change Applied patches for Spectre security issue.
  • Change Applied patches for Meltdown security issue.
  • Feature To help you get started with Acquia Journey and create graphs more efficiently, there are now several ready-made graph templates packaged with the product for your use. Learn more.
  • Change The email write adaptor now allows you to configure the carbon copy (CC), blind carbon copy (BCC), and reply-to fields. Learn more.
  • Change Whenever users are signed out due to inactivity, users are redirected to the main Acquia Journey sign-in page.
  • Change Visitor query is now available as an action for the Acquia Lift adaptor. Learn more.
  • Change When configuring a message queue connection for Amazon web services (AWS), the AWS secret key is treated as a password and masked when entered.
  • Change Acquia Journey has several improvements not necessarily affecting your use of the product, with password security improvements, improved compatibility of Graph API listener web tracking and jQuery, and performance improvements in the Graph API.
  • Fix Security fix: Integer overflow.
  • Fix Security fix: Cross-website scripting (XSS) security issue.
  • Fix Testing console: Data display issue.
  • Fix In some situations, the SOAP adaptor parsed WSDL incorrectly.
  • Fix Graphs hydrated from a graph template using parameters were missing a data source.
  • Fix In certain circumstances, the Acquia Journey graph engine would fail.
  • Fix Pointing to data schema actions displayed help text in the incorrect location.

Acquia Journey 1.1 - November 1, 2017

  • Change When creating a new node in a graph, you can choose from a list of managed graphs provided and managed by Acquia, but you cannot directly edit a managed graph.
  • Change When used as a subgraph, graphs may now attach a listener, or accept parameters passed from the schema, but not both.
  • Change Acquia Journey now supports the Azure Service Bus as a message queue connection type.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not warranted to be error-free. If you encounter any errors, contact Acquia Support.