Acquia recommends Cloud IDE as the best environment for developing Drupal applications. However, Acquia also provides limited integration with Lando as an open source alternative to Cloud IDE.

Lando is a popular tool for creating and managing a local LAMP stack for Drupal development through Docker. It is an open source tool, created and maintained by Think Tandem.

Acquia plugin for Lando

In collaboration with Acquia, the Lando team has built an open source Acquia plugin for Lando. The plugin:

  • Mimics Cloud Platform environments locally.

  • Allows you to easily pull your Acquia site to local systems through Acquia CLI.

  • Allows you to easily push your changes to Acquia through Acquia CLI.

  • Installs drush, acli, and other power tools.

To get started with Lando, see the Acquia plugin for Lando documentation.


As Lando is not an Acquia product, you must file Support requests for Lando in the public Lando issue queue. To contact Support about issues that specifically pertain to the Acquia Plugin for Lando, create a Support ticket.