Purging a person from the database

Sometimes, it may be necessary to remove a person from your database. This can be done by using the purgePerson event type, and passing it on import through the File Import API. The person will remain active in the database, but their tracking ID will be deleted and replaced with a new, anonymous identifier. This is to ensure that the identifier no longer relates the person to their navigation history.

The following is an example of how to purge a person from a database:

{"identity":"[email protected]","event_date":"2015-07-22 08:30:00.000","identity_source":"email","event_name":"purgePerson","event_source":"email"}

You will use an identifier to purge the person. You can only use resolvable identifiers; in other words, the identifiers must be unique and point to only one person. The following are resolvable identifiers:

  • email
  • tracking ID
  • account ID
  • Facebook ID
  • Twitter ID
  • any custom identifiers that you have set up as resolvable

For more information about identifiers, see the person_identifier table in Omni-channel add-on Person field types.

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