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Uploading import files to Profile Manager

File import

This feature is available only to Acquia Lift Omnichannel subscribers.

After you have created an import file with your information, select one of the following methods to upload the file to Profile Manager:


This feature is deprecated, and users may encounter issues uploading large amounts of data.

  • Upload files using the Lift Profile Manager interface
    To upload your import file using the Profile Manager interface, complete the following steps:

    1. Sign in to Profile Manager as an administrator, and then click the Configure tab.
    2. Click the Import/Export link.
    3. Click Upload file.
    4. Use the dialog box to select the import file from your local computer, and then click OK.

    Profile Manager uploads the file and lists the file on the Bulk File Management page.

  • Upload files directly to Amazon S3
    To upload one or more files to Profile Manager using the Amazon S3 bucket associated with your account, complete the uploading steps described in Amazon S3 file management with Lift Profile Manager.

If you need assistance with accessing your S3 bucket or path, contact Acquia support.