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Content Hub

Content Hub is a component of Acquia Lift.

Content Hub is a cloud-based, centralized content distribution and syndication solution that provides you with the ability to share and enrich content throughout a network of content sources (including Drupal websites) with extensible, open APIs. It is a high-performance, scalable offering that connects content bi-directionally across multiple systems. It enables enterprises that operate many digital properties the ability to effectively publish, reuse, and syndicate content across a variety of content sources and publishing channels.

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How Acquia Content Hub works

Content Hub creates a content interchange workflow between the different websites in your content network. Each of the websites in your content network can be both a publisher and a subscriber for content, communicating through the Content Hub service. You use Content Hub to establish rules for how and when content gets shared between different members of the content network.

Content Hub enables automated subscription updates from content authors to content consumers in near real time, respecting local changes and workflow rules. Publishers create content on their websites just like normal. If a new content item is one of the entity types that get shared, then it becomes available to subscriber websites to import. Subscribers can create filters that specify what sorts of content items they are interested in. They also establish rules about whether content items are imported automatically or manually.

Acquia Content Hub architecture


A website in a Content Hub network can act as a publisher for some content and a subscriber for some other content. The original publisher of a content entity controls the definitive content of the entity, and any changes made by a subscriber website that imported the content entity are not contributed back into the Content Hub.


The main elements provided by Content Hub are as follows:

Element Description
Content Hub A central content repository hosted and managed by Acquia. Using a central hub for your content enables full-text and faceted search across all the available content.
Content Hub client A set of Drupal modules that manage communication with the Content Hub and help you manage how content is published and consumed. The Content Hub client gets installed on each website in the content network that wants to publish or subscribe to content, or both.
Content Hub API A set of open RESTful APIs you can use to interact directly with content inside or outside Drupal websites.
Content Hub SDK for PHP A software development kit (SDK) for the Content Hub API.

Getting started with Content Hub

The following documentation pages contain information that you can use to install and use Content Hub with your websites: