Content Hub troubleshooting guide

There may be instances when you find that Content Hub is not working as expected. In these cases, you’ll need to troubleshoot your installation.

Content Hub diagnostic module

The Content Hub diagnostic module, when enabled, provides you with information that ensures your installation has the proper basic configuration.

The Content Hub diagnostic module is included in the normal installation. After the module is enabled, a new section will appear in Reports > Status report.


If this report section is green, your Content Hub installation is set up correctly. If there are potential issues with your installation, this report section will provide the corrections that need to be made to ensure successful product use, and can include module updates or patches.

Content Hub history logs

Content Hub tracks information about the service by using the /v1/history API endpoint. This information can help you troubleshoot issues, and you can review the history logs for Content Hub with the /v1/history method. For more information, see Using the Content Hub API.

Composer and Drupal 7

We do not recommend using Composer to download Drupal 7 modules. Downloading the tarball for Drupal 7 modules is the recommended method.

Fatal error when installing Composer dependencies with Drush

Composer Manager depends on the Composer Drush extension to install the Composer tool.

Possible cause: Outdated Composer

If you run drush composer-manager commands and get errors like these, your Composer Drush extension may be outdated.

Could not load package...
Could not parse version constraint...

To resolve this issue, delete the current version of the Composer Drush extension and reinstall it by running the following commands (note that 8.x is the correct version):

rm -Rf ~/.drush/composer
drush dl composer-8.x

Then run the following command inside of your Drupal installation:

drush composer-manager install

Unable to verify certificate

When you use both Composer Manager and the Composer tool directly, the PHP version that ships with Acquia Dev Desktop may be unable to validate the SSL certificate for GitHub and Packagist. This can display an error similar to the following:

The "" file could not be
downloaded: SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages:
error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed
Failed to enable crypto
failed to open stream: operation failed


Do not use the PHP that ships with Acquia Dev Desktop when running drush composer-manager or using the Composer command line tool directly.

If you still have fatal errors when running drush composer-manager install, you can use Composer directly in order to install the required third party dependencies. In your docroot, run the following commands replacing [SITE-DIR] with your website’s directory, usually default.

cd sites/[SITE-DIR]/files/composer
curl -sS | php
php composer.phar install --no-dev

AJAX errors with Views exposed filters

Views exposed filters may cause AJAX errors. This can be remedied by either installing the latest -dev release of the Views module or by using this patch.

Local development

If you are working with a local Content Hub website and are experiencing difficulties, see our Best practices page.

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