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Configuring and enabling Lift Inspector

Acquia Lift Inspector

Acquia Lift Drupal includes Acquia Lift Inspector, a debugging tool that you can use to examine the way your website is working with Acquia Lift and troubleshoot any issues that you may be having.


Acquia Lift Inspector requires jQuery 1.7 or newer.

Use Acquia Lift Inspector to gather information about the following issues:

  • The data captures that your website is sending to the Acquia Lift Web service
  • The website content that users in different segments are being shown
  • The events that your website’s data captures are triggering in Acquia Lift Web and Acquia Lift Drupal

Known Issues

The following are known issues in Acquia Lift Inspector:

  • When you log in as an administrator, Acquia Lift Inspector can be launched from the Acquia Lift menu bar, but the Site preview tab does not function.
  • Acquia Lift Inspector works on iOS and Android devices, but the user experience has not been optimized.
  • Acquia Lift Inspector does not work with desktop Internet Explorer or Windows Phone.


Before using Acquia Lift Inspector, ensure that your website meets the following requirements:


Turning on Debug mode allows Acquia Lift Inspector to load. However, to optimize website performance, Debug mode should be turned off after you have finished using Acquia Lift Inspector.

Enabling Acquia Lift Inspector

Use one of the following options to enable Acquia Lift Inspector:

  • When visiting your website as an anonymous (not signed in) user, add the following text to the end of your website’s URL:


    For example, if your website URL is, append the parameter in the following manner:

  • When signed in to your website as an administrator, in the Acquia Lift menu bar, click Start Acquia Lift Inspector session.

You have now enabled Acquia Lift Inspector. For information about how to use this tool to debug your website’s personalizations, see Using Lift Inspector.