Configuring the Acquia Lift Drupal personalization settings

Configuring Acquia Lift Drupal

To configure how Acquia Lift Drupal works with your website, sign in to your website as a user with the permission to administer the personalization settings, and then go to Configuration > Personalization settings.

Personalization settings page

The Personalization settings page includes the following tabs that allow you to control the behavior of Acquia Lift Drupal on your website:

  • Acquia Lift - Your account settings, including global configuration settings that determine how Acquia Lift Drupal behaves for all campaigns
  • Acquia Lift Profiles - Your Acquia Lift profiles account information, and also where you define how your website visitors' identity is captured, labeled and stored
  • Browser Contexts - Controls the querystring and cookie contexts for campaigns, which then allows you to target content based on information you have gathered about your website visitors
  • General - Controls how personalized information is handled on your website
  • Lift Event Values - Allows you to add engagement scores and global values to reusable visitor actions
  • Personalize Elements - Allows you to customize which HTML tags are used, and whether filtered or unfiltered HTML is used, during the creation of variations

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