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With Acquia Lift Drupal installed on your website, you can easily target and test variations of your content for your site visitors, all without having to learn to use a separate system. Just click your content and start personalizing it to meet your site visitors' needs. After you start to display the different content variations, Acquia Lift Drupal can not only report on how your users interact with their content variant, but can also adaptively respond to site visitors by displaying the "best" variant from the list of available choices.

Accessing Acquia Lift Drupal on your site

To access Acquia Lift Drupal on your website, click Acquia Lift on the menu bar to view an additional Acquia Lift menu bar that displays the different selectable options for your website's personalizations, variations, and goals.

Acquia lift toolbar

Acquia Lift menu bar move optionIf you want to display the Acquia Lift menu bar to the left of your webpages instead of at the top, click the rightmost icon on the Acquia Lift menu bar. To restore the Acquia Lift menu bar to the top of the page, click the similar icon at the bottom of the list of options on the left-aligned menu bar.

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