Enabling Acquia Lift Drupal on your site

Installing Acquia Lift Drupal for Drupal 7

After you install and enable the Acquia Lift Drupal-related modules and libraries on your website, configure the user permissions to administer and use the service, and then add the keys to enable Acquia Lift Drupal to begin to collect visitor actions.

Configuring user permissions

To add variations to website entities or to manage Acquia Lift Drupal settings, signed-in users must have the appropriate permissions. To set the access permissions for Acquia Lift Drupal, complete the following steps:

  1. In the admin menu, go to People, and then click the Permissions tab.
  2. Based on your website's user role needs, assign the appropriate permissions to your website's roles from the following list:
    • Personalize section
      • Manage personalized content - Users with this permission can access the Personalize this option in entity gear menus and can create and edit personalizations.
      • Administer personalize settings - Users with this permission can access the Acquia Lift menu bar and can view and modify Acquia Lift Drupal's settings at Configuration > Personalization settings.
    • Visitor Actions section
      • Administer visitor actions - Users with this permission can create goals for personalizations.
  3. Click Save permissions to save your permission changes.

Adding the Acquia Lift keys

To add the Acquia Lift keys to your website, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your website as a user with the permission to administer the personalization settings.
  2. In the admin menu, go to Configuration > Personalization settings (http://[site_URL]/admin/config/content/personalize), and then click the Acquia Lift tab.
  3. Acquia Lift Drupal uses the Acquia Connector module to connect to the Acquia Lift service and obtain Acquia Lift account credentials for the following fields:
    • Acquia Lift JavaScript path
    • Acquia Lift Web Account Name
    • Acquia Lift Web API URL
    • Acquia Lift Web API Access Key
    • Acquia Lift Web Secret Key

      For more information about configuring these fields, see Configuring the Acquia Lift tab.

  4. In the Acquia Lift Web Customer Site field, if you are using multiple websites with the same Acquia Lift Web account, enter the name of the website from which you want to identify visitor events as having originated.
  5. Click Save configuration.
  6. In the admin menu, go to Configuration > Performance, and then click Clear all caches.

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