Acquia Lift Drupal 1.0

The Acquia Lift Getting Started guide contains information that you can use to help you become familiar with Acquia Lift and what it can allow you to do. It's not explicitly designed for Drupal developers or back-end website maintainers, but for content marketers who need to ensure that the appropriate content is visible to each appropriate website visitor.

Although this guide provides an overview of many of Acquia Lift's features, each section also has links to other documentation pages, allowing you to learn about additional features in detail at your leisure.

The first decision you'll need to make is the method you want to use to personalize your website — elements or blocks. Select one of these styles to quickly start using Acquia Lift:

  • Elements

    This method is the quickest and easiest method to start personalizing your website's content for visitors. Using the Acquia Lift menu bar, you can create a campaign, add different variations, create one or more goals, and then start the campaign — all without leaving the webpage.

    Get started with elements.

  • Blocks

    Although this method can be more complex than personalizing elements, it has several benefits, which include the following:

    • When personalized content is displayed, elements can very briefly display the original content before displaying the personalized variation. Personalized blocks do not experience this behavior.
    • When testing is complete, it's easier to swap out blocks with the best variation. Doing this with elements requires you to enter new personalized content into the node or nodes.
    • Preloading AJAX works only with personalized blocks.

    Get started with blocks.

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