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Configuring access to Experience Builder

Installing Experience Builder

To personalize your website with Experience Builder, you, and your users must access the Experience Builder sidebar. Use the procedures on the page to configure and activate your Experience Builder bookmark.

Chrome extension

Google Chrome users can install a browser extension to enable the Acquia Lift toolbar.

  1. Download and install the extension.
  2. When visiting a page using Acquia Lift, click the rocket icon Rocket icon in your extension bar.

The rocket icon activates the Profile Manager administrative login, and then the toolbar.

Configuring a bookmark

The Profile Manager toolbar supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Drupal or non-Drupal users can use the Profile Manager toolbar. Select one of the following methods and follow its instructions to configure an Experience Builder bookmark for your use:

  • Google Chrome
    1. Right-click the bookmarks toolbar.
    2. Click Add Page.
    3. Enter a Name like Lift Admin UI bookmarklet.
    4. Enter the bookmark code in the URL.
    5. Click Save.
  • Firefox
    1. Right-click the bookmarks toolbar.
    2. Click New Bookmark.
    3. Enter a Name like Lift Admin UI bookmark.
    4. Enter the bookmark code in the Location.
    5. Click Add.

Bookmark code

Enter the following code in the appropriate place in the bookmark.

javascript:(function() { if (window.AcquiaLiftPublicApi) { window.AcquiaLiftPublicApi.activate(); } else { alert('Sorry, Acquia Lift could not be found'); } })();

Activating the Acquia Lift toolbar

After configuring and saving your bookmark, complete the following steps:

  1. Select a customizable page, such as your website’s homepage.
  2. Click the bookmark you created. Acquia Lift displays a sign-in page for the Profile Manager administrative interface.
  3. Sign in using an Profile Manager account in the Administrators group.


After you sign in to Profile Manager, a sidebar slides out from the right side of the browser window. Use the sidebar for configuring Experience Builder operations, including Creating slots in Experience Builder and Creating rules in Acquia Lift.

Click the three vertical dots to open or close the toolbar.