Examining your site with the Lift Inspector

Lift Inspector is a development tool to help you obtain what information is available to Acquia Lift for an existing page visit. It also provides you with useful links to the Acquia Lift Profile Manager website where you can watch even more detailed information about the current visit.


The Lift Inspector is available only for Drupal 8 websites that use the Acquia Lift module, version 3.3 or greater.

Enabling the Lift Inspector

To enable the Lift Inspector, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your website as an administrator, and then click Extend in the admin menu.
  2. Select the Acquia Lift Inspector (Development only) check box.
  3. At the bottom of the webpage, click Install.

Using the Lift Inspector

After enabling the Lift Inspector, you can review additional information about the pages on your website. To activate the Lift Inspector, go to the page with Experience Builder-related items that you want to review, and then press Ctrl + i.

Lift Inspector overview

When activated, the Lift inspector displays information about the current webpage, based on the following sections:

  • Account details
    This section displays the active Account ID (Customer) and Site ID (Customer Site) in use by the Experience Builder, and your tracking identifier (Tracking ID). To view more details about the user, you can search for the tracking identifier by signing in to the Profile Manager and using the People tab.

  • Current user segment(s)
    The Lift Inspector uses this section to display the segment in which your current visit has been categorized. Click a segment to view its configuration page in the Profile Manager interface.

  • Decisions on this page
    If the Acquia Lift service has made any content replacements (decisions) on the webpage, they will be displayed in this section. Each decision will include the slot identifier, the view mode, the rule name, and the title of the content placed on your website. If there are no decisions on the webpage, the section will display No decisions made.

  • Recent captures
    Captures are previous pageviews or other tracked events. Each capture is unique, and this section will include the kinds of events most recently sent to the Acquia Lift service. Each event includes its name, Source, Date, and the URL of the captured content. If no recent captures were found, the section will display No recent captures.

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