Using campaigns to recommend content

Using campaigns to recommend content

Campaigns are structures in Acquia Lift that describe how information that is displayed on your website is personalized for website visitors. Campaigns include settings for when the campaign is to be displayed to visitors and how its content is to be displayed, and even can gauge which displayed content generates better results for certain actions. As an example, you could create a campaign that displays financial planning content to website visitors who scroll to the bottom of certain webpages for the next two months.

To view your available campaigns, or to modify their settings, go to the Campaigns webpage. To do this, sign in to the Acquia Lift Web admin interface, and then click the Campaigns tab. From this tab, you can create or manage your campaigns or campaign groups.

  • Campaigns

    Use this option to create or manage your recommendation or offer campaigns for your website.

  • Campaign groups

    After you have created multiple campaigns, you can combine them into campaign groups, which are defined relationships between campaigns.

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