Getting Started with creating campaigns

Acquia Lift lets you promote your best content recommendations and offers to your website's visitors, keeping your customers engaged and encouraging their return. The feature in Acquia Lift that allows this is the campaign.

Campaigns are the overall description of your visitors' personalization experience with Acquia Lift, including what content you want to provide, where you want the content displayed, to whom it will be presented, and when you want the content to be made visible. As a simple campaign example, you could display financial planning content to website visitors who scroll to the bottom of certain webpages for the next two months.

To create a campaign of any type (including offers or recommendations for your website visitors), use the Acquia Lift Web interface to complete the following steps in order:

  1. Determine the locations from which content should be discovered (Required only for recommendation campaigns)
  2. Define where personalized content is displayed in your website
  3. Create segments to determine your audience
  4. Construct and deploy your campaign to visitors

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